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Just a heads up that I’m going to be on hiatus as far as this blog goes until June. If you’re interested, we can still definitely plan something out (I’m always on Skype), but I won’t be very fast with responses for quite a while because life has gotten kind of insane.

Anonymous asked: hows neloth lately?


Anonymous asked: Top ten best kissers? Not including you, that's goes without saying ;)

"A lady never kisses and tells, Greymage, not when it comes to this sort of thing. Well, not unless she’s getting paid handsomely. Cough up a sack of gold and I’ll see about sharing some of these names with you."

Anonymous asked: Hello! Just wondering if there is any mod out there that lets you marry Teldryn Sero? I've looked just about everywhere.

[[I’ve looked and looked everywhere as well nonny, and alas! I have yet to find anything. I have seen some people claim that they were able to marry him, but I don’t know what exactly getting that to happen entailed. I know that his voice isn’t included with anyone in the marriage faction and that’s why console commands won’t work on him (believe me, I tried). I do know that there is a mod for a clone copy named Endryn (supposed to be his brother), but honestly, the voice and sass and snark not being there kinda kills it. His hot Dunmer face is only part of it. If I find anything, I’ll post it. :) ]]

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Anonymous asked: I don't get it Indis. Why do so many people like you? What am I missing?

"Good taste."

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Anonymous asked: What is a... 'fetcher'?

"It’s the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful term of endearment that is offered! Go on, Greymage, and call someone you love a fetcher."

[[I’m sorry Indis is a horrible liar, don’t listen to her, it’s an insult, don’t call anyone you love a fetcher, please]]

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[[okay, i’m going to hop off of here for the rest of the day because i really, really want to get the next chapter of the in the sun revised version finished today. i’m having a lot of fun, so feel free to send more questions for the indis and i’ll get to them soon! :3]]

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Anonymous asked: Is your Serana just a friend? Or a friend with... benefits?

"Oh my, Serana is a friend. She’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a sister. That’s all."

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"I love Riften, don’t get me wrong - but mornings in Whiterun are hard to beat."

"I love Riften, don’t get me wrong - but mornings in Whiterun are hard to beat."

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Anonymous asked: Are you an okay-ish vampire hunter because you've fallen in love with one? Kissed one? Fucked one? Or do they just sometimes get away?

"Well, I don’t always kill them, mainly if I find out that they’re not really bent on destroying all of humanity - the perfect example being Serana. Also, the fact that I let her turn me once probably makes me a bit of an awful vampire hunter. Oh, and please don’t mention that last bit to Isran. He has absolutely no idea. I’m not worried about Serana, I know she can handle herself just fine, but I’m sure you’ve met the man. He can make your asshole pucker up with just an annoyed glance. I’ve only made him truly angry once and I don’t care to do it again."

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Anonymous asked: What does Arkay think of the company you keep? Specifically a lady vamp, and the little friends she's taught you how to bring back.

"He grumbles an awful lot, and sheesh, is he ever good at the passive-aggressive, ‘well, if you were really a devout worshiper you’d stop raising the dead/hanging about vampires/etc’ bit, but for the most part, he lets it slide considering I’m out there busting my ass to solve this little belligerent dragon problem while he and Akatosh, creator of this out of control dragon, sit on their arses and watch, occasionally offering vague ‘guidance’ - and I do use that term loosely.

Am I bitter? Oh no, not at all. I love all of of this responsibility that I never wanted. It’s not like I had any other plans, or am kind of terrible at fighting dragons, or have a Guild to run, or a man to make beautiful mixed-race babies with, or anything like that.”

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Anonymous asked: Is the okay-ish part with being a vampire hunter the fact that you're best friends with one?

"Probably? Isran tells me it’s because I’m lazy when it comes to killing them, I don’t always kill them, and Divines forbid this, recognize that there are many of them that aren’t exactly bent on turning entire towns into thralls or destroying the sun, or whatever evilness he suspects they’re all up to now, and just want to keep to themselves.

Luckily, he doesn’t give me too much shit about it. He kinda owes me for that whole ‘killing Harkon’ thing. I think I might be able to play that card for a while.”

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"I’m loving these new Guild leathers, but I’m thinking they might be too much. Are they too much?"

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